Based in New York City, NextD Journal and NextD Academy are integral parts of NextDesign Leadership Network, an experimental community sensemaking initiative founded in 2002 by GK VanPatter & Elizabeth Pastor.

Our continuous goal is to create lenses to better understand challenges and changes underway within the subjects of Design ThinkingStrategic Design, Meta Design, Strategic Design Thinking/Doing, Strategic Design Leadership in the 21st century.

In this special project reboot of NextD Journal we will be experimenting with a reinvented version of “Open Peer Review” in that we are proactively identifying ten high-profile, publicly available documents that will be reviewed by knowledgeable invited contributors from various practice and academic communities.

Getting to the future tends to be an uneven bumpy process and one that we are deeply interested in. We remain optimistic that authentic sensemaking can inform meaningful changemaking.

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Humantific: SenseMaking for ChangeMaking

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